The range of horizontal heat recovery units of series GRC have been designed for installation in ambients where, cause frequent air renewal, there is the necessity to recover part of the heat which otherwise would be lost in the state air. A crossflow aluminium plate heat recovery exchanger assures an heat exchange between exhaust and fresh air. This way the fresh air is pre-heated or pre-cooled (depending on the season). The supply air is also filtered before entering the heat exchanger which is also protected by another synthetic filter put on the exhaust air side, upstream the plate exchanger. Optionally, the supply air can be re-heated by a LPHW coil or by an electric coil. The heat recovery units of series GRC are proposed in four sizes with air flows from 300 m3/h to 4100 m3/h.
The bearing structure is made of aluminium profiles to which are fixed, using screws, the unit panels in galvanized steel (single skin).
Side panels are easily removable.
Fans and filters inspection is made from the bottom.
All internal guides and supports are made of galvanized sheet.
On all the models thermal and sound insulation are made by a mattress made of closed cells material.
The static type heat recuperator is made of aluminium plates; the air flows are kept separated by suitable sealings.
The filtration of both air flows is made by corrugated synthetic filters thick. 48 mm having efficiency G4.
Fans are single phase double inlet centrifugal type with 3 speed electric motor. On the side panel of each fan is fitted a terminal block in order to allow the connection of the unit directly from outside.
The drain pan is made of galvanized sheet with drainage turned towards the bottom.
It is possibile to modify fans and inlet holes orientation directly on site just exchanging the panels.
In addition can be supplied units with the following additional features:
• Sandwich panel of 17 mm thickness galvanized/galvanized insulated using injected polyurethane foam (density 40 Kg/m3).
• Sandwich panel of 17 mm thickness pre-painted/galvanized insulated using injected polyurethane foam (density 40 Kg/m3).